Feb 20, 2016

NYFW | Yeezy Season 3 by Kanye West

Imagine yourself standing on the cliff somewhere not far from the Holywood sign. You put your hands in the air, close your eyes & take a deep breath. You feel like you belong to nothing at this moment, that there is no importance in anything & you are just in love with yourself. In true love like Kanye feels for Kanye (if you know what I mean). 
I offer you an experience of being inside Yeezus mind.
 'The show of the lifetime' or whatever you want to call this explosive event, Kanye's third collection ft. presentation of his album "The Life of Pablo" left no one indifferent. You may love it to heaven or hate, but the real truth is that all those models posing like puppets with bi*ch resting faces, not-allowed to move during the whole presentation were just the background to the music. It was not a usual fashion show, simply because it was hard to spot every model individualy, it looked more like each of them was a little piece of a jigsaw puzzle. 

The collection itself not much differs from previous Season 1, 2. Considering West's signature neutral color schemes, this is his most colorful collection yet, weaving in reds, oranges, blues into a range of browns & nudes. He repeats previous shapes & silhouettes, but whatever. This man had literally blown minds of the whole world by his vision and feeling of things. 

A few looks from Yeezy Season 3 which are my favourite:

My ultimate faves from the show - clear-heeled sock boots. Stunning.

Soon about Kanye's new album "The Life of Pablo" & much more music, so stay tuned :)