Feb 20, 2016

NYFW | Yeezy Season 3 by Kanye West

Imagine yourself standing on the cliff somewhere not far from the Holywood sign. You put your hands in the air, close your eyes & take a deep breath. You feel like you belong to nothing at this moment, that there is no importance in anything & you are just in love with yourself. In true love like Kanye feels for Kanye (if you know what I mean). 
I offer you an experience of being inside Yeezus mind.
 'The show of the lifetime' or whatever you want to call this explosive event, Kanye's third collection ft. presentation of his album "The Life of Pablo" left no one indifferent. You may love it to heaven or hate, but the real truth is that all those models posing like puppets with bi*ch resting faces, not-allowed to move during the whole presentation were just the background to the music. It was not a usual fashion show, simply because it was hard to spot every model individualy, it looked more like each of them was a little piece of a jigsaw puzzle. 

The collection itself not much differs from previous Season 1, 2. Considering West's signature neutral color schemes, this is his most colorful collection yet, weaving in reds, oranges, blues into a range of browns & nudes. He repeats previous shapes & silhouettes, but whatever. This man had literally blown minds of the whole world by his vision and feeling of things. 

A few looks from Yeezy Season 3 which are my favourite:

My ultimate faves from the show - clear-heeled sock boots. Stunning.

Soon about Kanye's new album "The Life of Pablo" & much more music, so stay tuned :)

Jan 16, 2016

OOTD | Ambitious

Hi, I love to puzzle myself.
 With anything & anytime. It's silly to say, but I don't live for an easy life. I don't want to have everything perfectly arranged. I was being hurt time after time in my life and I thought this feeling ate into me like a part of me already, but simultaneously it is teaching me how to deal with life changing situations, matters of people's leaving and things they say to me. I feel firm & made of steel sometimes. But nothing can prevent me from acting as my burning heart says, because 90% of the decisions I make are emotional. COOL. Yeap, but I never regret of anything. That's really cool, don't you agree? No regrets - cos I didn't see any other way of acting, you know. I felt like that then, so.. why not? Never look for any reasons "why", especially in yourself. Never look for any limits, even the sky is not one of them. Just don't lose the moment, you can't be sure if you'll have another chance. That's it. A little tip. 

*feeling extremely ambitious

Привет, я люблю себя озадачивать.
 Чем угодно, когда угодно. Немного глупо звучит, но я не стремлюсь к легкой жизни, не хочу, чтоб все было идеально организовано и происходило как по сценарию. Хлеба (можно заменить на вино) и зрелищ мне, да побольше! Не единожды нам в жизни причиняют боль, и иногда это чувство брошенности, обиды, какой-то ненужности настолько вгрызаются в нас, будто становятся частью нас; когда, с другой стороны, все это учит справляться с ситуациями, в корне меняющими течение, направленность жизни, причинами, по которым люди нас оставляют и словами, которые они нам говорят. Иногда я чувствую себя именно тем, что подразумевает под собой выражение "железная леди", хотя в большинстве случаев это преувеличение, конечно. Я поняла одно -  ничто не сможет помешать мне принять сиюминутное решение, которое в 90% - эмоционально обоснованное. КРУТО. Ага, но я никогда не жалею о таких решениях. Вот это действительно круто, не правда ли? Никаких сожалений - да потому что никаких других вариантов быть не могло, да я так хочу, тогда почему бы и нет? Никогда не стоит искать причины и ответы на "почему"и "зачем", особенно в себе. Никогда не придумывайте рамки, даже небо - не предел! Просто не теряйте момент, он может не повториться. Вот он - мой маленький совет. 

* настроение: перевернем весь мир

Nov 6, 2015

Autumn trend: 70's flared jeans

Oh, take me back to the roots. I can remember how funny I thought was my mum's style, while looking through the photos of her youth. Those voluminous hairstyles, platforms, fringes, flared trousers and a lot of other stuff, but..  Now it's not just fun and pictures - it's the real life! Me some years ago would totally deny the idea of wearing anything other than skinny cut denim, but I don't care now :) 
With a strong '70 movement on the runways, street style stars are starting to introduce haute hippie style - flared and bootcut wide jeans. Right now the street style set during Fashion Weeks are caught wearing this boho trend, dressing it up with pointy pumps or adding some grungy vibe cropping trouser-legs and pairing with flat, lace boots. With the hand on my heart I can confess that I've already on the hook and I cannot resist! 

It's easy to style flares with tailored blazers, bright patterned overcoats or with your favorite black leather jacket. A pair of overall flares is good with a silk top underneath paired with classic pumps or clogs to add some height. (a classic shirt of plain colors underneath would be a great idea to)
I totally in love with white flares. They just take it all. 

Among all the trend of this autumn this one is that I'm obsessed with. Literally. A few pairs of flared jeans, lovely leopard Louboutins, a silk black top and a cozy overcoat - I'm the happiest on the Planet. Bye. 

Some useful tips:

Tip #1: If you want to focus of the shape of your thighs - choose high waistlined jeans that flare out below the knee.

Tip #2: Trouser-legs widen just from the thighs will make you look slimmer.

Tip #3: Flared jeans should be floor-length and there is no way of tucking them!

Oct 28, 2015

Room decor ideas: Minimalistic

Hello, everyone!
 A long time has past since I decided to do some kind of makeup to my room. But the only think I know I want about my new room is to be minimalistic in design. So here is my inspiration and this is how I would like to see my small, quite happy place soon.
I think all the details make you feel like never leave the room again, as if it's your own place, which you create yourself with the things you like and that maybe mean something for you. Cannot wait to show you the final result (but firstly I'm so excited to see it myself). 
By the way, what sources of inspiration you used, while organizing your rooms?

Oct 18, 2015

Free spirit

            (Shirt - plain black, shorts - Levi's, vintage laced vest, white trainers - New Look)

What is freedom
Freedom of thinking, freedom to love who you want, freedom to see things the way you understand them, freedom to live happily, freedom to choose your own style..
The moment you are lying somewhere on the beach near the whispering ocean, couning stars.. and with a new breathe the knowing of your independence, power and self-conscious is filling all the deep dark parts of doubts and uncertainty of your brain.. than you breathe out freedom.
But first it takes a lot of affort and hard work. To make yourself independent. To feel it. To admit it, finally.
 A free spirit for life - that is my dream.

 Inspired by those amazing Coachella looks I decided to create my own one. And to tell the truth, looking like this I even caught myself on that kind of "dreaming in the harsh reality" thing, that maybe I could find my ticket to Coachella if I examine my pockets. But.. nope. 
'So work on it, girl! Some day you will get it' , - says a little fighter in me. 
And what is freedom for you?

Что такое свобода
Свобода мысли, свобода любить того, кого ты хочешь, свобода видеть происходящее так, как ты понимаешь, свобода жить счастливо, свобода выбора стиля..
Тот самый момент, когда лежишь на берегу и под звуки шепчущего океана считаешь звезды.. с новым вдохом ощущение независимости, силы, решимости и уверенности замещает каждый темный уголок постоянных сомнений в сознании.. тогда ты выдыхаешь свободу. Перед этим, правда, требуется приложить огромные усилия и бесконечно работать над собой. Стать независимой. Почувствовать это. И принять, наконец-таки.

Вдохновившись все теми же до сумасшествия оригинальными и прекрасными аутфитами модниц с Коачеллы, я все-таки решила составить свой. И, по правде говоря, на секундочку мне даже показалось, что все реально, и где-то в кармане свернут мой заветный билетик. Но.. вы же понимаете, как тяжело жить с таким богатым воображением.. ведь да? 
Поэтому мой маленький внутренний боец дает мне указания на то, что просто work, b**ch. А я и согласна, чего нет то? :)

А что для вас свобода? И в чем она заключается?