Jan 28, 2015


Hello, lovelies!
In today's post I would like to share some beauty products that I really loved lately and used almost every day. I have already finished all of them so I can totally give an opinion. Personally I enjoy reading such posts with reviews on different products. It helps a lot when you are just standing in the middle of a beauty store ready to cry, because you took a full basket of goodies and don't know whether you need all of these stuff or not. Such reviews help to make the right decision (prevent you from disappointment) and to save some money, which is seriously awesome! So let's begin!

1. Payot Tonique Purifiant Alcohol-Free Stimulating Toner

This one I bought by chance. I don't remember exactly, but there was some kind of sale on Payot products in August so why not buying something? As my skin is very delicate and it is always hard to find a product that will not cause allergy or make dry spots on my face I always play a Russian roulette buying this kind of stuff. So I found the last bottle of this tonic and decided to give it a try. 
Firstly, I hated it a lot. A was so frustrated, because my skin turned into rough, dry, red piece of sh.. That was the time to go and buy a new tonic. Weeks passed, when I was finally lucky enough to return my normal skin state and then I thought I can try once more. (yes, more silly actions)  But finally, the magic happened! The result was seen after 2-3 weeks of daily usage and it was incredible. Literally as I had another skin, so much I could not believe it! I will definitely repurchase it soon! 

2. La Roche-Posay Gel Moussant Purifiant

The Effaclar is a line of medical acne solutions recommended by dermatologists worldwide. There is such a huge variety of La Roche-Posay products that I think everyone can find a perfect products for his exactly type of skin.
My skin is not perfect and yet I have tried lots of things to make it look clearer and healthier. My friend once recommended this gel and after reading some reviews on the Internet I bought it.
I should say that I've been using it for quite a long time now and I am ready to repurchase it again! The gel has no color and no scent at all which is perfect I think. You don't need to use much of it at a time, because it's very soapy. So this big boy of 400ml lasted 4-5 months I think. A great bargain! Undoubtedly recommend!

3. Estée Lauder Ideal Matte Refinishing Makeup

I always wanted to try a compact foundation and when I saw this I just could not walk away without buying it. Actually it is my first product by Estée Lauder and I absolutely love it! My shade is 'Pebble' and it literally disappears on my face which is a perfect colour match. After applying it I don't need to use any powder on, because the foundation is matte. The greatest thing is that it keeps skin from shining, especially the t-zone. The product itself has a nice scent and the structure is so silky and soft. You feel like a porcelain doll :) So absolute YES!

4. Collistar Filler Concealer

 I don't have much experience with concealers yet but I can certainly say that this one is the best I've ever used. It has got a nice pigmentation so you don't need to apply much every time. If you have any dark spots or small blemishes it perfectly conceals all of them. I used this concealer daily and even when I was not in the mood to do a whole makeup I just took a bit of it and the whole face looked much more fresher and ready-to-go.

5. Guerlain Lip-gloss D'ENFER №466

 A-W-E-S-O-M-E. No more words. When this gloss is on your lips you feel incredibly big and fabulous. Like something from the Chanel Haute Couture SS15 collection. It smells like a parfume little bittersweet. The color is deeply pink with gold and pastel pink sparkles. If you list yourself as a princess or at least a real dreamer you should own one! 
                                                                             . . . 

Well, yes. I think it's time to stop now! Hope you found it useful to read till the end and you are not disappointed *fingers crossed*. Leave your thoughts, questions or suggestions below! I will be delighted to read and to answer all of them :) 


Jan 25, 2015

My first award? WHAT?!

Oh my first nomination ever! How exciting it is! Like I am receiving Oskar award and I ought to say something, to tell my story to success or whatever.. Thank you beautiful Denise Whelan for the nomination, I really appreciate your support for the blog! Be sure to check out Denise's youtube channel! She's got amazing hair tutorials and a lot other interesting stuff to watch.

So the rules for the Liebster Award are: to thank the person who nominated you. To answer 11 questions by the nominator. Nominate 11 more bloggers who have less than 200 followers linking them to the post. To create other 11 questions for new nominees and notify them by social media.

1. Cool tones or warm tones?
Definitely cool tones. I'm keen on all shades of blue color. Also all hues of pink and purple. Maybe there is one warm color that I fancy - beige.

2. Pick one style staple that you can't live without.
Scarfs I think. I am a bit obsessed with them.

3. Lipstick or mascara? Choose!
For me it is unambiguously mascara. A have got too small eyes but long eyelashes so it works quite well when I use mascara.

4. Name one person that inspired you to start blogging/vlogging?
I've been following Zoella for quite a long time. I found her youtube channel first and then I discovered she had a blog too. Zoe just shows what a girl can do being sincere and working
hard on her dreams. So my every day inspiration is this gorgeous British girlie.

5. Current favorite TV series?
Lately I am quite obsessed with American Horror Story. On the 2nd season now :) A unique story that keeps you in tense every minute; unpredictable episodes (every time you just "WHAT?") and really great cast. I cannot imagine other actors playing this amazing. Ah this is love :)

6. Favorite scent of all time?
It's very hard to answer. Gosh.. Well, okay I think my favorite is Me by Lanvin. (one of the hardest questions ever)

7. High heel or flats?
As I have very active lifestyle there are a lot more pairs of flats in my wardrobe. I always in a hurry literally running everywhere: university, work, meetings, etc. So it is more comfortable to wear flats. But I'd really like to have more high heels. Ah how many pairs are in my wish-list now.

8. How do you like your coffee/tea?
My tea is always contain no sugar; if you ask me to choose black or green I'll choose green (mostly). What about coffee.. Nothing special. But also without sugar :)

9. Pick a place you want to visit but have not been!
Disneyland :) I'm working on it!

10. Do you have a valentine? What are your VDAY plans?
No, I do not :) Hm.. I will be working till 7 p.m. then.. don't know yet :) But I'm pretty sure that I'll spend this evening with my best friend doing something silly (as always)  :)

11. Chocolate or candy?
Chocolate!!! Sometimes I even catch myself on a thought that I act like a maniac (choco maniac! don't panic) But I've got no shame for this :)

And yeah, that's all! Hope you have enjoyed learning these new things about me. Thanks again Denise for the nomination! I seriously enjoyed doing it. Well, now I nominee:

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And the questions are:

1. Who is your favorite blogger?
2. What color do you love this winter?
3. What is your aim of blogging?
4. Long or short dress?
5. Would you rather fly or read minds?
6. Who is your celebrity crush?
7. Rings or earrings?
8. The best thing of 2014 year.
9. Who is your style inspiration/icon?
10. How long it takes for you to write a post?
11. What do you like for breakfast?

So thanks for your attention! Here I'll finish my Liebster Award TAG. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post the same as I enjoyed writing it :) Leave your comments below!


Jan 21, 2015

What dreams are made of..

Hello, I am addicted to fedora hats.

I've searched every shop in my city for half of a year maybe and I could not find that one to suit me the best. Lots of hats where of a poor quality or shape, etc. So the only way for me was to wait.. I was kind of sick seeing those beautiful fedoras on fashion bloggers. :( 
But one day I saw a new winter collection on the Accessorize  (similar) site and found a cute woolen Kate Fedora Hat - it was love at first sight. Today it is my favorite thing in my winter wardrobe.

The funny thing is that my best friend didn't allow me to buy it (we were waiting for sales) and decided to return after all Christmas holidays. But we didn't return. I found my dream hat under New Year's tree. I think it was the best surprise ever. Wish you had such best friends too !

(on me: sweater - H&M wool-blend sweater, jeans - Reserved combined materials trousers, coat - Perspective, hat - Accessorize Kate fedora hat, boots - Filson)

                      Share your opinion in the comments below about fedora hats :) Love or hate ?

Jan 17, 2015


YES! A few days ago I finally reunited with my gals crew. And as all true ladies do - we decided to go and to eat some burgers. A new cute place called "Cooper's Burgers" opened some month ago in our city center so why not try it out?

The place with all it's interior details looks like a common American snack-bar.

It was our first experience with burgers so girls properly read the menu several times and stopped at what was recommended by the café. Nobody knew why but that day I felt like a real gourmet so I took a Mexican one (with a mark 'extra hot').. I was waiting curiously and when I had it on our table I took away the upper bun and saw.. 5 small green hot chili peppers. Ohhh sometimes I just cannot explain my actions. Here it is.. little naughty thing:

But what I am sure about is that they have the best cheesecake I have ever tried in my whole life ! It tastes like heaven !

Love the experience of trying new eating places. It is always so excited ! So after the brunch we left the café all happy and contented.. and with round tummies haha.

                         And what are your attitude to burgers? Maybe some favorite places?  

Jan 16, 2015

Midnight inspired.

Hello, beauties! Today I would like to share with you my 'nails of the day'. Because what are we girls doing when there is so much free time and we don't have to go anywhere? 
On a Christmas morning I decided to try my New Year's present from my little brother who spent couple of hours choosing the right thing for me (he is so cute!). 

Jan 14, 2015

I am... Coco Chanel.

I love winter for lots of things.  Mostly for Christmas (of course) but also for the time I can spend with myself. To think about literally everything, to read, to watch and to analyze. So this post I would like to dedicate to two movies about Coco Chanel which I have seen recently & which arose contradictory feelings in me.