Apr 23, 2015

The Beauty Inspection #1: Maybelline GO EXTREME! black mascara


    Hands up!
 Here is the Beauty Inspection! And I came here to open your eyes on things you might be deceived about! Today I will speak about Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Volum' Mascara. Let's start with a power brush which is tapered at both ends. It makes easier to apply mascara to outer lashes with the wider part and I could even get the small lashes on the inner corner without any difficulty and leave no lash untouched. The brush is really loaded with product so I could get great coverage, volume and length, in just one coat. Also if I apply another layer it may look like I'm wearing eyeliner, which is perfect, because I can skip this point while doing my morning make-up routine. So I would be able to save some time.. but in the end would still come late.
       After applying the first coat:


One of the main qualities of mascara for me is a possibility of falling down in small particles under my eyes and ruining concealer after application. I was not disappointed by using Maybelline :) Another important remark is that this mascara can be easily removed by any of your favourite cleansers and will not leave dark black bags under your eyes. With the right hand on my heart I can surely say that this mascara is the best I've ever had yet! If you are in doubts about what product to try - go to the nearest beauty shop and grab GO EXTREME! and just enjoy ;)

Apr 18, 2015

Green light.

Trench coat: Vero Moda (have it for about 6 years) / T-shirt: Tom Tailor (vintage) / Jeans: YESYES jeans / Shoes: Converse / Glasses: Chanel / Necklace: Accessorize / Bag: Mango

 The thing with trench coats is on top now and as I'm definitely addicted to them I decided to treat myself a little (as it was my birthday some time earlier and I've got some extra pocket money) and by all means to find a similar one.. But after a few unsuccessful attempts I suddenly recollected that while studying in 7th or 8th form I was wearing something alike. And I was over the moon when I've managed to find it! As you know from my latest post - the dream of my life is Burberry's trench of classic beige color. But it's spring time, so it's time for experiments! What do you think of this juicy green color? I know many of you missed that fresh, soft, light green grass (so am I), so here we go :) I've combined it with a plain white T-shirt and ripped jeans (DIYed myself).
P.S. I'm in love with my new Mango handbag! You just could not imagine a more comfy one.. It is small, roomy, with two different handles and looks exactly as Celine one from SS15 collection. Perfect fit for the spring season ;) LOVE!

Hope every day of this beautiful spring inspires you and gives strength and motivation to move forward. Hope one day we will meet on top of the world, lovelies ;)

Apr 9, 2015

Blue skies over London

current mood

Glasses / Velvet lace top: River Island / Trench coat: Burberry / Skinny jeans: New Look  / Boots: BARBARA BUI / Bag: CĂ©line Nano Bag /  Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sally Blue Dial Gold-tone / 
Fragrance: My Burberry Eau de Parfum

It's so unfair that not every single person has an opportunity to travel. What can be better than exploring new countries, cultures with like all of your own senses? Not just looking through photos or reading books.. just because you cannot perceive the unique atmosphere of the place in this way. Frequently I catch myself thinking that my city isn't able to impress me anymore. I'm pretty sure I've literally been in every possible spot here. Traveling is one of the greatest inspirations ever existed. I know you will agree with this point, don't hesitate.
As every city has it's own mood, smells, colors, it also has a specific style. Here is my interpretation of one of London's style shades. If planning my outfit I will probably compose something alike, so the only thing left is to get there somehow. Trench coats are widely used by bloggers in their looks this season in such amazing ways and I confess I could die for this beige Burberry one. You know what? It seems not only the trench is on my wish list, but the whole list of these pieces lol.

Anyway, what do you think of this outfit? Does it suit for London? Let me know in the comments below. x

Apr 8, 2015

Just do it.

Knitted cardigan: Ralph Lauren (similar) / Pullover: Next / Black jeans: Reserved / Shoes: Nike / Snapback: H&M / Bag: Vintage
I have a premonition that this year may totally change me. Since winter when I had a lot of time for thinking about everything on Earth, my world has been transforming gradually. Sometimes I just cannot recognize those customary streets and corners of the city, like I see everything in a new light. I love this feeling! Changes are power for living.
But it's not the point of this post ;) Actually, I want to express my tender feelings toward cardigans this spring. I believe that knitted things can replace hugs.. ok, not so perfectly, but just think of it. It's an idea! Personally, I'm done with those warm coats and I don't care about the weather any more. Sorry, mom :)
Wearing it you don't feel overladen or whatever.
Cardigans are real must have of this very season. They can be easily combined with every style you like: boho, classic, sporty, vintage, edgy, casual, etc. Look through Asos, Forever21, New Look, they have some really worthy items.   
And also my adorable Nikes. Ah, words cannot explain my great love for basketball as the whole and shoes especially. Hope one day to write you about my excitement of spectating Miami Heat or LA Lakers in motion <3