Mar 29, 2015

Ready To Run

Music is my inspiration.
Like I always take each song too seriously and I try to find some piece of lyrics and adopt it to my own life. It is not a new thing, I know :) The point is that a song once heard in the morning can become the main theme of my day, a few days or even a week. Ridiculous, yes. But I like it.
So this time I was inspired by One Direction and their 'Ready To Run' from the latest album 'Four'. When I've listened to it for the first time I had images of Wild West, beautiful strong horses, wide barren fields, where you can feel absolutely free and enjoy yourself. As the result, I had this outfit. 

Mar 26, 2015

Keep Walking In Circles

sometimes you feel incredibly lonely
but how can you feel it if there are lots of people around, whom you are speaking, joking and complaining to? and you appreciate and love them, but

sometimes you feel incredibly lonely
and you urgently need somebody right here, by your side. whom would you call? one. I do not have enough courage to call that person. or I do not have confidence that he needs me the same

sometimes you feel incredibly lonely
and the only thing you can do is to distract - with study, work, music, sport, etc. 
and as the time passes by you seem to forget about it for a bit