My name is Polina, 20. I am living a happy life in a beautiful coastal town with an old port, As a little girl I dreamt up my own world where existed equal rights for every human being, where no one could be alone and adult life seemed to be so magical, with lots of opportunities, endless love and support.

Now things has changed for me. I cannot eat so many sweets anymore (because I know already how valuable are my teeth), I cannot cry on public and demand to buy me a doll (lets pretend so), etc. But my little world hasn't changed.
That is why I think it would be interesting to share with you some of my thoughts on different topics considering Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion. To slightly open the door and let you read about my life, opinions and passion. Yes, I said passion, because Fashion and Beauty are things that make me feel alive and unique.

Hope this blog will give me an opportunity to become more aware of the things I love so much and help me to find people who will share my interests.