Jan 17, 2015


YES! A few days ago I finally reunited with my gals crew. And as all true ladies do - we decided to go and to eat some burgers. A new cute place called "Cooper's Burgers" opened some month ago in our city center so why not try it out?

The place with all it's interior details looks like a common American snack-bar.

It was our first experience with burgers so girls properly read the menu several times and stopped at what was recommended by the café. Nobody knew why but that day I felt like a real gourmet so I took a Mexican one (with a mark 'extra hot').. I was waiting curiously and when I had it on our table I took away the upper bun and saw.. 5 small green hot chili peppers. Ohhh sometimes I just cannot explain my actions. Here it is.. little naughty thing:

But what I am sure about is that they have the best cheesecake I have ever tried in my whole life ! It tastes like heaven !

Love the experience of trying new eating places. It is always so excited ! So after the brunch we left the café all happy and contented.. and with round tummies haha.

                         And what are your attitude to burgers? Maybe some favorite places?  

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