Jan 14, 2015

I am... Coco Chanel.

I love winter for lots of things.  Mostly for Christmas (of course) but also for the time I can spend with myself. To think about literally everything, to read, to watch and to analyze. So this post I would like to dedicate to two movies about Coco Chanel which I have seen recently & which arose contradictory feelings in me.

                     1. "Coco Chanel", 2008 starring Shirley MacLaine (as the older Coco Chanel)

                                   2. "Coco Before Chanel", 2009 starring Audrey Tautou

At first sight, you just cannot say that these two biography movies might be way too different, I thought the same. But after spending a night watching them both in rotation I was so shocked. By the end of the second film I just could not clearly understand who was Gabrielle Chanel. Was she a fearless, flexible, wise, frank or sharp, self-sufficient and indecent person? 

Maybe I have made a mistake, because the movie with Shirley MacLaine was the first to watch. And it was a great interpretation of the drama of Chanel's life.  Christian Duguay (director) showed young Coco as a sensitive, elegant girl with feminine manners. She did not know anything about adult life, she tried every step and turn for the first time (and everything she did considering men and her feelings for them seemed so intimate and pure). And I felt those steps and turns as mine, it's fantastic.

The second film LITERALLY blew up my mind. Here mademoiselle Chanel appeared before us as a scared, but at the same time a "tear off and throw" person. The main thing that I did not like about ".. Before Chanel" is that Coco is shown like a never-smiling-conservative-lady-with-male-features.

Considering the acting of Audrey Tautou I cannot say that I'm enough familiar with it, but my friend said she acted the same as in "Amélie". So you can make your own opinion. But after I found out that Keira Knightley tried for this role I was glad she did not get it (although I love her acting very much!) For Audrey is a perfect one as for me.

I totally recommend to watch these two films and choose which one you like more. It would be great it you share your thoughts with me. 

So who is Coco Chanel for you?


  1. I'm embassesed to say I'm not sure who Coco Chanel is, is she the founder of the brand.. I hope I don't sound stupid aha, anyways they sound good and now I want to watch them, thanks! 😁

    1. You need to watch these films to make a conclusion :)) It would be cool if you share it with me ;)